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Blayney Clubs and Groups
Blayney - Community information, history, Clubs and Groups, transport services, local regional produce and Blayney Area map.
Blayney Sports and Leisure Clubs, Community Groups and Associations.
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Blayney NSW one of 18 regions in the HIGHWAY WEST family of Town sites.
Highway West family of Central West, Central Tablelands & Blue Mountains NSW - Town Sites.
Centrepoint Sport & Leisure Centre, 79 Osman Street, Blayney NSW 2799  ph: (02) 6368 2544
Swimming, Aqua Aerobics, Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, Weights, Exercise, Workouts....
Blayney Dolphin Swim Club  ph:  David 6368 3898
Martial Arts - 3 Dan Black Belt - ph:  Adam  0408 691 689
Girl Guides Australia  ph:  Kylie Collins  6368 3685
Blayney Table Tennis Club  ph:  Matthew Crane  0439 623 403
Li-Te-Carr - community Self Defence Centre.  Shito-Ryu Aust Karate-Do Kai  ph:  Terry 0408 029 208
Bowling Clubs:
Blayney Bowling Club  62 Osman St, Blayney NSW 2799  ph: (02) 6368 2424
Cricket Clubs:
Blayney Senior Cricket Club, 59 Adelaide Street, Blayney  ph:  (02) 6368 3055
Fishing Clubs:
Lyndhurst Shire District Fishing Club  PO Box 91, Blayney NSW  ph:  (02)  6368 2965
Golf Clubs:
Blayney Golf Club  Carcoar Rd, Blayney NSW 2799  ph: (02) 6368 2939
Harness Racing Clubs:
Blayney Harness Racing Club, 7 Turmmulla Place Blayney  NSW  ph:  (02)  6368 2928
Rotary Club of Blayney Inc
Blayney Rotary Club meets Wednesday nights from 6:00pm - 6:30pm at the Blayney Bowling Club.
Dinner Meetings every second week.  Vocational and club activities on alternative weeks
PO Box 129, Blayney NSW 2799  Ph: (02) 6368 2574  Fax: (02) 6368 4084
Sailing Clubs:
Carcoar Dam Sailing Club,  Southern Shore Carcoar Dam, Carcoar  ph:  (02)  6362 6426
Soccer Clubs:
Blayney Junior Soccer, 43 Osman Street, Blayney NSW
Squash Clubs:
Blayney Squash Club, Adelaide Street, Blayney  ph: (02)  6368 2037
Tennis Clubs:
Blayney District Tennis Club, c/- Balambar, Lyndhurst  ph:  (02)  6367 5072
Blayney Shire Local and Family History Group Inc.  C/o Blayney Library 48 Adelaide Street, Blayney NSW 2799
Blayney Branch Australian Red Cross  Volunteer Group 30 Orange Road ph:  6368 2860
Blayney Community Youth Group  Volunteer Group P O Box 36, Blayney  ph: 0419 405 201
Blayney & District Evening View Club  Community Group  P O Box 74 Blayney  ph: 6368 7340
Blayney Interagency Group  Community Group  P O Box 62, Blayney  ph:  6368 9618
Blayney Library,  Community Group  48 Adelaide Street Blayney  ph:  6368 2581
Meals on Wheels  Volunteer Group  3 Osman Street Blayney  ph:  6368 3748
Carols at Carrington  Community Group  PO Box 36 Blayney  ph:  0419 405 201
Combined Pensioners Superannuants Association Community Group 19/43 Henry Street Blayney  ph:  6368 4138
Country Women's Association Carcoar-Mandurama Branch  Volunteer Group  56 Olive Street Mandurama  ph: 6366 7208
InnerWheel Club of Blayney Volunteer Group  P O Box 46  Blayney  ph:  6368 2455
Lyndhurst RSL Sub Branch   Volunteer Group  "Briar Corner" Carcoar  ph:  6367 3139
Lyndhurst Soldiers Memorial  Hall & Village Committee Volunteer Group 14 Russart Street, Lyndhurst  ph:  6367 5139
Mandurama Public Hall Reserve Trust  Community Group  34 Gold Street, Mandurama 
ph:  6367 5025
Blayney area Clubs and Groups
Millthorpe Kids Club Community Group 67 Victoria Street, Millthorpe  ph:  6366 3286
Millthorpe Village Committee Inc  Community Group 40 Church Street Millthorpe 
ph:  6366 3066
Neville Public Hall Reserve Trust  Community Group  Carcoar Street, Neville  ph: 6368 8435
Presbyterian Women's Association  Volunteer Group  PO Box 115 Blayney  ph:  6368 2432
Royal Far West Children's Health Scheme  Community Group  PO Box 23, Millthorpe 
ph:  6366 3025
Stepping Stones Playgroup  Community Group Uniting Church Hall, Millthorpe  ph:  6368 7368
St Vincent De Paul  Volunteer Group  80 Adelaide Street, Blayney  ph: 6368 2636
Blayney A & P Association Inc  Volunteer Group  PO Box 678, Bathurst  ph:  6331 5833
Blayney Probus Club  Volunteer Group c/- 25 Carcoar Street  ph:  6368 4088
Carcoar & District Historical Society  Volunteer Group  Carcoar Court House, Icely St, Carcoar  ph:  6367 4155
Millthorpe Anglican Women of Australia  Volunteer Group 1083 Forest Reefs Road, Forest Reefs  ph:  6366 5020
Millthorpe Park Committee Volunteer Group 44 Victoria Street, Millthorpe  ph:  6366 3113
Millthorpe Women's Dinner Group  Volunteer Group P O Box 69, Millthorpe  ph:  6366 3313
Wednesday Readers Volunteer Group P O Box 69, Millthorpe  ph:  6366 3313
Blayney Shire Arts Council  Community Group  97 Adelaide Street  Blayney  ph:  6368 3534
Millthorpe & District Tapestry Group  Volunteer Group  PO Box 23, Millthorpe  ph  6366 3025
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Blayney Health Services, Schools, Kindergartens, Technical Colleges, Religious Groups & Churches
The Blayney to Bathurst Cyclo Sportif Challenge is an annual 70K (Short Course), 110K (Long Course), 11K (Family Challenge) event from Carrington Park, Blayney, via Trunkey Creek, Rockley Mountain and Mount Panorama Bathurst - finishing on 'Pit Straight' at Mt Panorama.
An annual event from Carrington Park, Blayney, via Trunkey Creek, Rockley Mountain and Mount Panorama Bathurst.
Heritage Park is within easy walking distance from the town centre and being adjacent to the Mid Western Highway, a convenient stopping place for motorists travelling the Mid Western Highway to - Bathurst, Cowra, Young, Grenfell, Boorowa....
A multi-purpose, vibrant open space containing a number of different facilities catering for children, adults, families and groups, walkers and cyclists and passing motorists.
Blayney Health Services, Education, Religious Groups & Churches