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Blayney History
Blayney - Community information, history, Clubs and Groups, transport services, local regional produce and Blayney Area map.
Blayney is located in 'heritage country' in the Central Tablelands, Central West of NSW.
Many of the town buildings are classified by the National Trust and down Adelaide Street you'll be able to see classical Victorian government buildings and churches.

Surrounding Blayney are the historic villages of Carcoar (classified by the National Trust),  Millthorpe, Lyndhurst, Mandurama, Neville and Newbridge
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Blayney was gazetted 26 September, 1843 by Governor Gipps. The first European occupation of this area dates back to 1821 with the first sighting by Surveyor George Evans in 1813 whilst on his expedition which discovered the Bathurst Plains.  He noted three hills to the south which he named The Three Brothers

Situated in the valley of the Belubula River, Blayney was originally sited at King's Plains which is about 8 kilometres closer to Bathurst.  However this site proved unsuitable so the Blayney site of today was chosen.  Originally allocated for farming, the area also began to prosper from gold, copper and iron.
Blayney Shire has gradually seen change from its agricultural base - moving more into industry and mining.
Blayney has a pet food plant - Nestle Purina (Friskies Pet Care a division of Nestle) which exports pet food to Asia and the Pacific, and a Cold Store Warehouse centreIn 1994, Blayney became home to Australia's largest inland container terminal, which is situated beside the railway station.

Blayney Shire's industries generate substantial employment in the Region with the Cadia and Ridgeway Gold - Copper mines providing extra jobs.
Blayney has a number of historic buildings of interest.  Many of the buildings are classified by the National Trust.
Included are -  the Post Office (c.1880),the  Courthouse (c.1880). Both are Victorian Classical designs.
St Pauls Presbyterian Church (c.1885) - the church hall is the original church (c.1861). The Anglican Church is (pre-1890) and the Uniting Church is (c. 1843)
Blayney is also known for the Blayney Windfarm consisting of 15 Turbines.  The capacity of the Windfarm (10 MV) is enough to supply the annual electricity needs of 3, 500 average Australian homes.
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Blayney Post Office - C1880
Victorian Classical designBlayney Courthouse - C 1880 - Victorian Classical designSt Pauls Presbyterian Church - C 1885 (the church hall is the original church)St Pauls Presbyterian Church Blayney Anglican Church - pre 1890Blayney Uniting Church C 1843.Blayney Railway - buildings C 1876Blayney Railway - buildings C 1876Blayney Railway - buildings C 1876The NAB at 69 Adelaide Street, Blayney was formerly the CBC which opened in 1874.
Blayney Railway  - station buildings and platform date back to C1876 - 1889 - the awning has timber posts and decorative cast iron brackets.
The NAB at 69 Adelaide Street, Blayney was formerly the CBC which opened in 1874. It is Heritage listed along with the stables.
Blayney Historic Buildings:
Photo Gallery Blayney historic buildings - click any image to view the larger image gallery slide show.
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Carcoar historic village is set in a dell by the oak-lined banks of the Belubula River
Carcoar is a village of untouched 19th century charm, that feels like a traditional English village.
The Blayney Windfarm consists of 15 Wind Turbine Generators situated between between Carcoar Dam and Mount Macquarie.
The Blayney Windfarm consists of 15 Wind Turbine Generators situated between between Carcoar Dam and Mount Macquarie.