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The village of Lyndhurst is located on the Mid Western Highway in the south western area of the Blayney Shire.  It is 4K from Mandurama, 27K from Blayney, 43K from Cowra, 60K from Orange and 63K from Bathurst.
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..once on the short-list as a site for the National Capital of Australia
Lyndhurst property, Central West NSW.
The Old Bakery - Lyndhurst property, Central West NSW.
Blayney-Demondrille Railway Line from Blayney to Cowra (which is no longer operational)
Lyndhurst was first established in the mid 1820s.  With a free grant of land north of Lyndhurst, Thomas Icely went on to develop 'Coombing Park Estate' by purchasing more land surrounding the Lyndhurst site.  By 1838 'Coombing Park Estate' was 25,953 acres.
Lyndhurst was established in 1861.
In 1870 gold was discovered at 'Junction Reefs' (also known as Lyndhurst Goldfields) and Lyndhurst became a private township based around the gold mining.
It was in March 1885 that Lyndhurst was proclaimed a village.

After the railway opened in February1888 there was an increase in the population with the expectation that Lyndhurst would have an enormous boom.
In this period Lyndhurst had -
a railway station, several halls, a number of (2-3) hotels, general stores, cafes, fruit shops, butchers and churches, as well as a picture theatre, doctor's surgery, a blacksmith's shop and farrier, a baker, bank, photographic studio and a showground, sports oval.
Lyndhurst Public School opening in April 1889.
In 1896 Junction Reefs Dam was built (about 7K north west of Lyndhurst on the Belubula River) as a water supply, Hydroelectricity plant for the Junction Reefs goldfields.

This dam was the first arched dam to be built in Australia and it is unique to NSW and assessed as being of high state significance.  In 1985 it was identified as an item of NSW Environmental Heritage by the NSW Heritage Council.

The reservoir was silted during the floods following the Great Drought of 1900-1902. In the 1930s, explosives were inserted in the scour tunnel to try and desilt it but this was not completely successful and the reservoir never regained its original capacity. The reservoir is fully silted today.
Junction Reefs Dam
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Lyndhurst was chosen as one of the three sites being recommended for the national capital in the early 1900s by George Reid, the fourth Prime Minister of Australia.  Limited water supply and a desire by Victorians to have the new capital built between Sydney and Melbourne decided against it.
The Lyndhurst Cemetery was dedicated in 1907.
The Lyndhurst Showground and Public Recreation area was gazetted on 27 October 1915.
The Soldiers Memorial Hall was built in 1925 with the addition of the supper room in 1934. 
Electricity was connected in 1938.
The Royal Hotel was built in 1929 with accommodation for 12 people.
Lyndhurst varies between 650 and 740 metres above sea level.

It is located on the Blayney-Demondrille Railway Line from Blayney to Cowra (which is no longer operational)
Lyndhurst enjoyed strong growth in the early 1900’s due to local goldfields and access to the rail line.  However, the need for a station at Lyndhurst was reduced with the passing of the gold rush which caused a fall in population resulting in a lack of a need to transport goods by rail. 
Countrylink bus services pass through Lyndhurst on their routes from Bathurst to Cowra twice a day -  morning and afternoon services (except on weekends).
Capital Park - a small public park with playground facilities, public toilets and picnic facilities -is at the corner of Russart Street and
Mt McDonald Road.
Lyndhurst Recreation Ground is located between Selby, Blayney and Harrow Streets.  This includes the Showground and Sports Oval - cricket ground.     Shelter and toilet facilities are available.
The Lyndhurst Rifle Club and Golf Club are on Garland Road.
Australia Post  Lyndhurst Takeaway & Newsagent -‘The Old Bakery’ - 32 Mt McDonald Road, Lyndhurst NSW 2797  ph:  02  6367 5440
Deluvio's Firewood Supply  150 Horton Drive  Lyndhurst  NSW 2797  ph:  0427 848 895
Lyndhurst Auto Port, 6536 Mid Western Highway, Lyndhurst.
Lyndhurst Golf Club  Mount McDonald Road  Lyndhurst  NSW 2797  ph:  02  6367 5366
Millamalong Estate  Millamalong Road  Lyndhurst  NSW  2797  ph:  02  6367 4088
Rockville Country Homes Pty Ltd  23 Terminus Street  Lyndhurst  NSW  2797  ph:  02  6367 4400
Royal Hotel 1 Main Street, Lyndhurst NSW  2797  02  6367 5024
The old Lyndhurst Churches - The Catholic Church and Church of England have been been converted into a private residences.  
Lyndhurst Public School  Marsden Street  Lyndhurst  NSW  2797  ph:  02 6367 5016