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Mandurama is a small town in Central West New South Wales, Australia. Situated on the Mid Western Highway it is approximately -
  • 260 kilometres west of Sydney
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In 1831 Thomas Icely a prominent pastoralist with the property Saltram near Bathurst purchased additional land and obtained a grant, further west, which he called Coombing Park. Icely had also received a free grant in 1831 of 3440 acres which he called Mandurama.

Around 1870 part of Coombing Park (under the management of Thomas Icely's eldest son Thomas Rothery Icely) was sold to John Fagan who named his station Sunny Ridge.  The 60,000 Sunny Ridge property originally included the Mandurama town site.
Both Coombing Park and Sunny Ridge properties continue on today.
Mandurama grew to be a service centre for the surrounding pastoral areas.
A small town of just a few hundred people it has a general store, service station and hotel.  Some of the buildings are quite historic with a number of churches including the St Laurence O'Toole Catholic Church, two old former bank buildings, the Lincoln Theatre and the Mandurama Royal Hotel established in 1899.
Mandurama is home to 'The Mandurama Collection' which was given to the National Library of Australia.
The Mandurama Collection is a collection of 3,444 photographs taken between 1865 and 1935, by photographer Evan Lumme.  The photographs are of the Central Tablelands, Central West areas of New South Wales.  Many are of the village of Mandurama and its residents but there are images as far west as Boorowa.  Mostly the images are of the residents and areas of, Mandurama, Lyndhurst, Carcoar.  Some are from Cowra, Boorowa, Burnt Yards, Garland, Gallymont, Neville, Shaw, Blayney and Orange.
The photographs are considered an invaluable resource for seeing Country Australia as it was in the Victoria era and the post-federation era.
After Lumme died the photographs were forgotten about and not re-discovered until the 1970s.  The negatives were found in an abandoned house in the Mandurama area and given to the National Library.
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Mandurama Businesses 
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Carcoar Dam situated on the Belubula River, between the town of Blayney and the village of Carcoar.
Carcoar Dam situated on the Belubula River, between the town of Blayney and the village of Carcoar.  Water skiing, sailing, wind surfing, swimming and fishing
Australia Post - Mandurama General Store, Newsagency  11-13 Olive St, Mandurama, NSW, 2792  ph:  02 6367 5189
BP  Mid Western Highway  Mandurama NSW 2792  ph:  02  6367 5195
Central West Drainage Products Sunny Ridge Street  Mandurama NSW 2792  ph:  0412 422 247
Green's Mandurama  Mid Western Highway  Mandurama  NSW  2792  ph  02  6367 5195
Police Station Mandurama  Olive Street Mandurama  NSW  2792  ph:  02  6367 5008
Rural Business Services - Megan Rowlands - 610 Mandurama Rd  Mandurama  NSW  2792  ph:  6367 5256
Royal Hotel Mandurama  14 Olive Street  Mandurama  NSW  2792  ph:  02  6367 5022
Sunny Ridge Golf Club  Burnt Road  Mandurama  NSW  2792  ph:  02  6367 5207
Sunny Ridge Grand Country Home  58 Belubula Way  Mandurama  NSW  2792  ph:  02  6367 5092
Toshack Earthmoving  11 Peach Street  Mandurama  NSW  2792  ph:  02  0405 497 840
Mandurama Public School  Loquat Street  Mandurama  NSW 2792  ph:  02  6367 5103
Neville is a small village of about 100 people in the Central Tablelands NSW. Bathurst is the largest centre (approx. 60km) from Neville.
Neville is the closest Blayney Shire town to the spectacular cavern system of Abercrombie Caves and just a short distance away you can visit the Blayney Windfarm & historic Carcoar