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Set in a farming community Newbridge developed mainly from the railway arriving and the construction of the Railway Station in November,1876.  On opening the station was originally called 'Back Creek'.  The name was changed in April 1878 to 'Newbridge' with various explanations as to how the name came about.
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..a small country village in the Blayney Shire dating back to our early settlement days.
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Newbridge Railway Station (1876) and Old Bakehouse building (1884/5)
(1)Newbridge Railway Station (1876)
(2) Old Bakehouse building (1884/5)
The Gladstone Hotel (early 1870s) and the Newbridge Public School (1877)
(1) The Gladstone Hotel (early 1870s)
(2) The Newbridge Public School (1877)
Newbridge in the Blayney Shire,  Central West NSW
Situated approx. 15K from Blayney and 30K from Bathurst in Central West NSW - Newbridge is a small village of roughly 100 residents
The railway has always been key to Newbridge but unfortunately it is seldom used these days.
However, the residents of Newbridge are proud of their past and their station and continue to up-keep the buildings and the station surrounds.

  • Newbridge has won a number of awards for one of the best presented stations in the NSW.
  • The Queen's Royal Train stopped overnight at Newbridge during the Royal Visit of 1970.
  • The Gladstone Hotel - from the early 1870s
  • The Newbridge public school  - 1877
  • The Convent - 1890
  • The Police Station  - from the 1890s
  • The Original Bakehouse building was built in 1884/5. The building was completed in 1909.
a: Perhaps because of the construction of a pedestrian overhead bridge to the railway station.
b:  Owing to the strong Irish presence in the town - perhaps in relationship to Newbridge in Ireland.
c:  The Post Office which opened shortly after the Railway Station was called 'Duramana' and was confused with the Duramana locality 14K north of Bathurst.
For whatever reason - the Railway Station, The Post Office and the Village all were re-named 'Newbridge".
There are still buildings remaining from Newbridge's early settlement days.
Providing a glimpse of yesteryear are -
Newbridge Attractions and Events:

Stringybark Craft Cottage
(next to the Newbridge Hotel)
Open Afternoons every Weekend.
Arts and Crafts from residents of the Blayney Shire.

On Occasions
Newbridge Swap Meets
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Bantry Grove Farms  519 Three Brothers Road  Newbridge  NSW 2795  ph:  02  6368 1036
Gladstone Hotel  26 Trunkey Road  Newbridge  NSW  2795 
Glengowan Angus Stud  Glengowan Newbridge  NSW  2795  ph:  02  6368 1053
Hamer Earthmoving  Aberfeldy, Village Road, Newbridge NSW 2795  ph:  02 6368 1137
Moorilda Pastoral Co  Roseleigh Newbridge NSW 2795  ph:  02  6368 1045
Stringybark Craft Cottage  Trunkey Road  Newbridge NSW 2795
Two Sisters Restaurant  26 Trunkey Road  Newbridge  NSW  2795 
Newbridge Public School  Trunkey Street, Newbridge, NSW 2795 Central Tablelands, Central West NSW  ph: (02) 6368 1042 
The Blayney Windfarm consists of 15 Wind Turbine Generators situated between between Carcoar Dam and Mount Macquarie.
The Blayney Windfarm consists of 15 Wind Turbine Generators situated between between Carcoar Dam and Mount Macquarie.
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